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SEO = Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important aspects of website development is search engine optimization. Without SEO, the best website in the world may never get found by the search engines which means that your potential customers can not find your business on the web. If you do a Google search for "untitled document" or "site name" you will see for yourself just how many thousands upon thousands of websites have no hope of ever reaching their intended targets.

On Site SEO

The SEO process starts with your website. Many of the most beautiful sites you can find have no hope of ever being found by the search engines because the search engines are unable to "crawl" the website and therefore are unable to index it properly. Other factors include the content of the website - does the website address the subjects and keywords you would like the search engines to find your website for.

Off Site SEO

As important if not more important is off-site SEO. This includes developing links to your website from other sites, directories, and even online advertising. These links work to bring you traffic as well as gives your website the visibility it needs to be found by the search engines.